After meeting with our trainers, a custom fitness program will be personalized around your goals and fitness level.


Clients will be trained in a small group environment with direct guidance and attention from the coaches.  

Every Bootcamp training class is different, providing a new experience with each workout.  The classes consist of interval based training that incorporates cardio and strength exercises.


Bootcamp classes are designed so people of all fitness levels can participate and have a great workout.

High intensity interval training consists of fast explosive movements utilizing cardio based exercises.


H.I.I.T. classes keep your heart rate pumping to burn fat and shred those pesky calories.


The weight training class will use free weights and body weight exercises to sculpt and strengthen targeted muscle groups.


This class will focus on gaining strength, power and endurance as well as losing body fat.

 This class will provide boxing related cardio, punching and footwork techniques, and core strengthening exercises.


A great way to burn calories, improve coordination, and get a great total body workout.

For those who prefer to workout independently, there are “Workout of the Day” sessions.  New workouts will be posted in the gym each day.


The W.O.D. goal is to complete as many rounds as possible within the time limit.

Stay motivated and stay moving!




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